Sunday, September 3, 2017

Visiting the Netherlands and Sweden

I can't believe that oneday i will go somewhere that i never thought before i will fly to Netherlands!
I am so grateful and still amazed that i finally go to EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!
After Dave was coming here, then we decided to go to his place and meet his parent there. Well that is not easy since i believe that my parent will not allow me to go.......but Dave asked them directly before he left..
I still remember he was so nervous for asking permission to take me to his place to meet his parent but yeah finally Mama say, okay even right after i wanted to leave she is still not sure...
But i tried to convinved her, i will not do anything with Dave and my intention to go there is to know his family and bla bla bla......
Mama understood, and Papa yeah here i come Belanda!!

Dave and I started to prepare all the things. Booking ticket, apply visa and arrange some stuff. It's so exciting! Since Dave is not living in Netherlands so, his paret helped me to get sponsorship for my Visa. They went to Geementhe to get the signed as the sponsor and send me the document..and that makes me talk to his Papa and Mama more. His parent is very nice person. They are lovely and very welcome. I do love them in the first time we spoke!

So,i only have like a month to prepare all the things here with their help also.But thanks Allah, everything went well and yay i got my VISA for like 30 days staying in Schengen area. <3

26 June 2017,

The very first time in very long journey, i was very very nervous yet so grateful for eveything that i have been through. I saw the skies in the early morning when i have to pray Subuh....i took tayamum, and Salat..still remember that time i was above Turkey well it said in the screen. I was little bit cry after salat, still can not believe that Allah accept one of my prayer that time...
At 6.00am Netherlands time, i arrived safe and sound in Schipol Airport...Alhamdulillah! That the first thing i said... Then i went to the toilet to have pee, and little bit touch up....Right after that, i went to the imiggration and the guy asked me some of questions, but yeah everything was good. He said " Terima Kasih" OMG he can speak Bahasa? haha
After relase from imigration then i need to pick up my luggage. Yeah, i thought i was the last person there because i can not find any luggage anymore there. :D
So, yeah i get my lugagge and try to call Dave but he did not pick up. I tried to find him, and taraaaaaa.............he was there, waiting for me and tried to call me too. LOL

" Hi!"
" OMG SAYAAANGGGGGGG! How can you find me here? I have been waiting from here, expecting you come from this way and we can try this phone."
" Opps sorry i make you wait, you know i have to pee and do some make up, otherwise i will look like a zombie! haha"
and he took me to a store to buy me a BIG BALOON! it's very sweet of him..

After that his parent pick up us with the car, his mum was very friendly by kissing my cheeck three times, and his papa hug me too! they are very sweet and nice people at least in my first sight.
They took us to coffee place, Dave and i had a cup of tea, Papa and Mama had a coffee. Then we talk about my flight, and many things. We took a picture together as well!

The first day i arrived there, i called my mum and papa, they were about to go to village with adek. And i was about to go to Dave's house after coffee.
The first thing when i arrived in the house, i feel like ohhh its so homey...i love all the things there, the furniture, the photography, little garden, and the people for sure!
I got a surprise from mama, and it's the cake with " Welcome in Holland Ayu" OH MY GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i feel so loved. I really wanted to cry because i am so happy.

 We have some chit chat and also eating the cake that mum made for me. I enjoy the sun in the garden ( oh no, that the first time i enjoy the sun kiss my face, indeed lol) while mama gardening..

OK will be the next chapter!

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017

2017 dimulai dari Januari, tapi buat gue dimulai April, why? Karena setelah 2 tahun lebih nunggu Dave, akhirnya ketemu juga di bulan April. :)

Yup tepatnya, tanggal 8 April 2017 kemarin Dave, untuk pertama kalinya kesini. I am so excited and happy! Emang orang sabar deket sama Allah, akhirnya dikabulkannya salah satu permohonan gue sedari kecil untuk ketemuan dengan seseorang nun jauh disana pertama kali di airport dan mengunjungi gue pastinya. HEHE ( berasa kaya di film-film ya).

Masih kerasa sih waktu pertama kali ngeliat doi yang lagi pake spray anti nyamuk dari kejauhan, sambil senyum-senyum pas liat gue dan langsung peluk gue waktu itu. He said " Omg Ayu, i miss you so much. Is that you? I still can't believe that, finally i come to you"
" Yes that's me. is that you, Dave?Or maybe this one is another bule?" lol
Ya gue masih inget waktu itu, semua orang pada ngeliatin kita tapi gue ga peduli. :p

Gue ga berenti-berenti natapin dia, sambil bilang..." Omg, Dave is that you?( asking for million time to him)" , dia cuma mesem-mesem " Iya, ini aku Dave" sambil senyum manisss banget dan elus-elus kepala gue. Awwwwww, i can't move on from that moment so much. I am so excited, so nervous and so so....

Well, dari situ kita ke KFC, karena bokap nyokap lagi makan dan nunggu adzan untuk solat. Terus gue kenalin deh Dave ke mereka, makan bareng dan sebelum gue makan Dave nyuruh gue untuk tutup mata. " Bunny, close your eyes please, i have something for you "
" What?! Oh bunny, do i have to?right now?in front of my parent?"
" Yes you have to Ok now close your eyes,ya?

Dan taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, dia masangin sepatu wooden shoes ala negeri kinci angin ke kaki gue di depan emak bapak gue. HAHAHA. Dasar gila ini bule satu wkwkw.

" Aww, Bunny thank you for this lovely shoes. Haha i know you will buy this one for me. Thanks alot."
Gue yakin nih orang-orang ngiranya gue bakal di kasih cincin wkwkw, tapi gue sendiri tau Dave kaya apa dan ini ga mungkin cincin wkwk, dan benarlah ini sepatu kayu yang berat dan aga kegedean.
" You're welcome hunny. Now you have to wear that until you're home." sambil senyum cengengesan.
"What? No bunny. its hard to wear that. Its lil bit heavy and lose for me."
"HAHAHAHA. Harus!" he said.
" Aww, jahat. Can i use that later please?"
" yeah i am kidding, but you know, my mum bought this for you and choose this one, hope you like it"
" Of course i like it bunny. Say thanks to mama"

Setelah adegan memalukan itu, gue simpenlah si wooden shoes, dan kita makan kfc. Sambil ngobrol dan selfie haha. Ternyata bukan cuma sepatu, Dave bawa banyak banget kado dari dia juga mama papanya untuk gue dan papa mama.

" Well i have another things for you" he gave the cute letter on a wooden says " Some bunny loves you" also giving me two lisptick, and 2 letter from his mom. The letter was the sweetest one with english and another with Dutch. So, i need him to translate that for me.

" Sayang, makasih ya. I would like to tell to your mama and papa also for their gift. They are so lovely. I am so lucky."
" Sama-sama sayang. They are really like you, you know that."

Well, Dave udah bisa banyak bahasa Indonesia, Jadi jangan heran kalo beberapa percakapan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia ya. hehe
Abisa kenyang makan KFC, akhirnya kita drop off si bule check-in di hotelnya dan gue pulang ke rumah bareng nyokap bokap.....

Hari pertama yang seru dan melelahkan. HAHA
Besok-besok lanjut ya ceritanya di hari-hari berikutnya.

Nb: soon i will come there to Netherlands. Can't wait to see my bunny Dave!


Good to be back here to write some of my thoughts.
Have i told you that recently i moved to new company?
Yes. Since 7 months ago i moved here to Samsung Tugu Insurance.
I am happy yet  i need to improve a lot of things, then adapt with new stuff here.
Since i moved here, everything feels different but in good meaning. :)
Thanks Allah to always bring me to the best things in my life.

Last month, i got chance to go to South Korea visiting headquarter of Samsung Fire and Marine!

Hopefully many more will follow.