Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dear Dave,

Hello again my blog! it's been awhile not to talk here, and i m kinda miss it!
Today is the last day of Ramadhan, and i believe that all moslem will sad of leaving Ramadhan.
It feels like, we have just fasting for like 2 weeks, but no...now Ramadhan is over for this year. May next year we still meet another Ramadhan with all those we love.

Back to the title of this post.
Dear Dave. One of familiar name for me and friends of mine. He is the one that i always wanted to company me for the rest of my life. Yes he is Dave.
I talked about him before in previous post. It's been a year and half i know him. I talk to him everyday, Skyping every weekend, texting everytime we have got time...and still i adore him as the first time i met him :)
He is one of my best friend, and soon i hope he will be my life partner to spending my life here and hereafter ( Insya Allah). I called him my Bunny or sometimes Davey or whatever i like to call. (chessy huh? i don't care).
My annoying guy ever, that always calling me in the morning like duck that kwek kwek kwek...but i do love it! If you dont believe me then ask him, i never complain getting his call even that is in the midnite.
Sometimes i still did not understand why, and how this works for us. How we met in very odd way. HAHA. I am feeling so grateful to finally meeting this guy. ( not in real yet, but still that's lovely). If you know, this feeling is like you craving for ice cream in summer, but no one sell that, but in the same time you mom suddenly pop up in front of you and bring the ice cream! Holy grail!
I supposed to make this guy only a friend before, but you know when a sales show you a pretty shoes and you just can't ignore them. lol. So, that is what i am feeling. I just can't accept him only as friend, yeah i want more than just his friend. He is so lovely, so me...yeah, When i m looking at him, i found what people nowdays SO! (significant other). If you can imagine, this is 20 century but you and your SO still sending letter or postcard by post! ( Thanks for postman that still alive!). For me that is cute! When you finally meeting someone that still wanted to do such a thing! And yes he does!
More than just a letter, sometimes we trusted the local post to send some present. We don't have to wait for anniversary or birthday, whenever we wanted to send things then we do! Because we realized that everyday is special day for us, isn't it Dave?xp

Dave is increadibly touch my heart by everything he does to me. He does really sabar for me, when the period comes and mood swing down. He still there, making some jokes, and kiss me yet nyebelin as well! :D
If he does know, whatever i ask for to Allah that is always about him.
I know he has been trying hard to understand Islam. I know Dave, it won't be easy for you, but trust me it worth to learn. Just make my self as the bridge for you to learning islam more. i will always help you and support you here babe! Don;t worry! Allah knows every intention in our hearts. If that is good then he will help you to find his way. Just dont giving up easily ya!
If you meeting me as a desperate girl, crying over something in future, please tell me we both are doing our best. So nothing to worry. And if you could do, please pray for us as well.

Last but not least, you should know that whatever i tell you that is never enough to show you how big is the love i have for you. You know the feeling is growing up everyday, and i do enjoy that. And i know, you do have same feeling Dave. I know we need each other, we need to go to higher step and it won't be easy for us. But don't worry, as long as we do our best, we will get the best result in future.
May Allah hear my prayer, and seeing your effort to find Him.

Ik hou van jou, dear mijn Jongen van nederlands

much love,