Friday, February 27, 2015

From Sweden to Indonesia.....

Hi Davey! :)

I dont know where to start writing about him but.....i ll start from  the first time i meet him.
Its not the first time i had been using the app for chat, since June i was using this app, its like random chat to people around the world and i found there so many bad guys there and i decided to stop chat there. I wish i could find someone that really nice to talk as friend instead looking for sexy stuff huh.
And in the begining of January, i went to that app again cuz i am soooo bored and trying to find new friend or someone to talk. Hmm i still remeber the first time i chat him there when i was in car that was going to go back home and my battery was about to die that time. I start to chat and found the name ( davy_90) and we started talking....
First, he was talking about where does he come from, and age and bla bla and we exchanged pics there. I dont know why this guy talk alot about his granddad that ever comes to Indonesia some times. He was Dutch, he was 25 yo and he was IT engineer in master program. Oh well, i kinda like this guy cuz i always wanted to find guy that has well education and he is kinda cute :p
Then my battery really annoying cuz it went dry quickly...and i had to ask him whether he got Skype or other app to chat? Then we chat again on Skype and we camming for the first time! Hahaha
Its not really weird for me, cuz i usually using Skype to chat with friend but....this guy was a new person that i just met and we just clicked like that lol
I still remeber when i saw him on cam, he just ate pizza and he said Hi! J OMG, i still remember the first time he smile to me and...hahahhaa he looks so young than his age :p
Then we talk alot there, about random topic and i asked him to show me windmills! And yay! He showed me windmills around his house. It was very pretty! And he got really nice house with 4 level, he also showed me around his house, bedroom, his room, his parents room, and his brother room.
After 3hr we talked there, he asked me to take a break  for awhile cuz he need to study for exam. Then we just stop talking that time and i let him to study and packing some stuff as well. He was gonna fly back to Sweden in the next day.
The next day he woke up earlier like about 11am in my time, he said he was very cold that make him awake. Then he was just fell asleep again cuz he just still sleepy alot ( sleepyface!). And in the night he flew back to Sweden and he let me saw him when he just packed his stuff before. It was sooo sweet. And the last words he said before he left is “ Ayu, will you teach me about islam?” and i am speechless....  i just answered “ insha Allah, Dave” J

Well, thats about him, its not alot but.....i know he is a good guy and i always hope we can always keep in touch until we meet in real someday, insha Allah.... So, still want to read about him more? :D keep reading my blog then! YAY!